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You are not alone – UK Research Study Feb 2019
In February 2019 we spoke to just over 1000 women in the UK and asked them about hair loss, thin and thinning hair. The results were staggering, with over 57% of women saying that they have personal experience of the issue. The issue affects women of all ages and causes include; stress (66%), hormonal fluctuations (61%) , menopause (54%), illness (52%), dying/colouring hair (44%), over styling hair (44%), poor diet (37%) as well as genetics (45%) and aging 63%).

They also told us that the issue has a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing with 69% saying that is something that they worry about, 68% saying that it is something that really upsets them, 56% saying it impacts their self-esteem and sense of femininity and 51% saying that is makes them feel down and depressed.

Even more worrying is that 61% UK women think that hair loss, thin and thinning hair is a “taboo” subject that is rarely discussed. At Thicker Fuller Hair we want to help break the taboo and stigma around hair loss, thin and thinning hair and empower women with a natural solution that works! 71% of women said that they prefer a product made from natural ingredients versus a harsh synthetic or manufactured solution. So, we harnessed the power of nature to provide a scalp-to-strand hair care regime that smells, looks and helps you feel amazing.Mother nature, meet science.